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Christmas is celebrated on 25 December and it is probably the most famous and most enthusiastically celebrated holiday throughout the country. Christmas is celebrated in different ways. These differences sometimes occur because of the contradictions between the Church of England, Catholic, and other Christian traditions. However, the main reason for the differences is ethnicity. English, Welsh, and Scottish cultures have many different traditions when it comes to celebrating Christmas. There are still a lot of people who try to keep Christmas in a religious spirit. However, since it is such a big event, it eventually became rather secularised and commercialised to a great degree. It is now a time given to spend with family and friends just as it is a celebration of Christ’s birth.

Christmas season has a few trademark acts and opening the presents put near the tree by an old soul named Santa Claus is definitely one of these trademarks. Ironically, Christmas trees didn’t easily get famous in the UK, they were not popular among people for a long time. However, when Queen Victoria’s German-born husband Prince Albert came, he brought about the idea of Christmas trees from Germany and eventually the Christmas trees took hold.

In the UK, children put up stockings or maybe even pillow cases so that Santa can fill them up on Christmas Eve. Putting up pillow cases is probably a better way to go in order to get bigger presents or lots of candy. The stockings or the pillow case is generally hung near the fireplace but some children prefer to place them near their bed as well. Of course, nothing is for free. Children generally leave cookies and milk in exchange for the gifts Santa brings. Some British children may even leave Old St. Nick brandy and mincemeat pies as thanks. Unless they want to have the excitement of a surprise gift, most children write a “wish-list letter” for Santa. Some of these children leave the letter on their table and some of them cast it into the fireplace. Not sure if the latter makes Santa’s job easier though.

There is a more religious side of Christmas and that side includes carolling services, nativity plays, and candlelight services at church. Some people gather inside churches during the Christmas season and sing Christmas hymns together.

Another very important aspect of Christmas is the meals of course. You can cook anything you want but there are traditional choices in the UK like roast turkey with dressing, roasted vegetables, cranberry sauce, sausages, peas and carrots, Brussels sprouts, mincemeat pies, chocolate desserts, and “Christmas pudding”. Every year families and friends gather around and enjoy these delicious meals.

The Scottish people have their own traditional dish: haggis. Haggis is very delicious and it has a great combination of sheep innards, onions, oatmeal, and various spices, which are traditionally encased in a sheep’s stomach.

When you hear the word Christmas, one of the things that come to mind is snow. However, actually, you can rarely see a “white” Christmas in the UK. Because it is so rare yet people want to go to a white Christmas, the definition of white Christmas has changed as well. UK meteorologists actually consider a Christmas white, as long as a single snowflake falls in an area anytime on Christmas Day. Even with an arrangement like this, a white Christmas happens only about once every five years. So, a real white Christmas where it actually snows is even rarer. It generally only happens in northern Scotland once in ten years.

Christmas is a very important day in the UK. Therefore, it comes with many events. You may want to participate in one of the following events if you happen to be in the UK during Christmas.

  • Look for “the lights of London”. Oxford street is the home to some of the most impressive Christmas lights displays in the world and apparently, they are getting better and better each year. It is not only Oxford street as well. You will get to see whole cities and small towns decorated with lights and streets where shopping centres are located will be all lit up. There will be a lot of Christmas pine trees brought in from Norway as well.
  • Go to a Christmas play for kids. Children’s Christmas specials are put on in theatres all across the UK. These specials are generally pantomimes that tell stories about Jesus but some of them don’t have a religious concept as well, those are based on secular fairly tales. However, the fairy tale ones generally have a subtle tie-in with Christmas made in one point of the show.
  • Attend the famous Christmas parade held in Windsor. This way, you will get to see a real reindeer accompanying Santa Claus on his glorious tour through town. The route of the parade starts in a castle and then winds through town to Kind Edward Court right next to Daniels Department Store.

If you decide to be a part of the UK Christmas, you will notice that the traditions in the UK are the source of many of the traditions that are accepted by other countries that celebrate Christmas. However, there are many unique events that didn’t manage to get a hold on the international world as well. Both of the events are a lot of fun and they offer a lot to learn.

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